It's Time For A Paradigm Shift

Away from the myths and practices that undermine parental instincts

And instead, move toward a method that empowers parents through profound connection

A connection so powerful that parent and child share the vital flow of each other's consciousness.

That Is Intuitive Nurturing

The Creation of Intuitive Nurturing

During the course of my career working with mothers and their babies, I perceived the subtle energy dynamics between them. This is no special gift; everyone senses the subtle energy of those around them to some degree. Think of the different vibe you feel at a concert versus at a library. Being a highly sensitive person all my life, I’ve learned how to sharpen this perception throughout the years. What I experienced with my patients, and later with my own children, forever changed my understanding of what a young child requires for holistic health – mind, body, and spirit. And make no mistake about this: the three aspects are inextricably connected.

"Bioenergy is the vibrational aspect of consciousness that feeds the electrical impulses of the body."

Throughout childhood, and especially during infancy, children need the sustenance of their caregiver’s bioenergy. What is bioenergy, you may ask? It is the vibrational aspect of consciousness that feeds the electrical impulses of the body. Every part of our body functions with the use of an electrical current. Our brain, heart, muscle, and even every individual cell use these electrical currents; thus, the term Bioenergy. The part that perhaps not everyone can see is that the energy of consciousness forms a field that extends several feet beyond the physical body. It is this field that holds the miracles for both caregiver and child.

I first wrote about this phenomenon in 2006 in my book, A JOURNEY INTO BEING. KNOWING AND NURTURING OUR CHILDREN AS SPIRIT. I developed a way to enhance vibrational communication with our children through our fields of consciousness. This results in profound attunement that promotes health through aiding in organizing body systems and enhancing intuitive bonds with your child. How? It occurs because you are actually merging your consciousness with your child’s. Hard to believe? Well, read on.

" are actually merging your consciousness with your child's. Hard to believe? Well, read on"

For the past decade or so, scientists have been studying the miraculous bonds between a mother and her child. They noted how when a mother and her infant are attuned to one another, they both undergo profound physiological and psychological changes. With modern technology, they observed the way in which mother and child start to synchronize their body systems and behaviors; their nervous systems begin to mirror one another. This mirroring produces profound health benefits for both mother and child. These effects are so impactful to overall health that the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement for pediatric primary care practices regarding the phenomenon. See below for the multitude of benefits of Intuitive Nurturing, AAP policy statement, and some of the studies published. It’s time for a paradigm shift.

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Why Learn Intuitive Nurturing? Here's Some of the Science:

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AAP Statement

The evidence is clear. For more information on how to establish a health-promoting and intuitive connection with your child, contact me here