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Christine is an author, maternal-child health registered nurse, and former mental health professional. She has worked as a Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Doula, Certified Case Manager, and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. During her first career as a mental health counselor, she worked therapeutically, then later administratively, with people with mental health and substance abuse challenges.

Christine’s passion for maternal-child health began shortly after having her first child. In fact, it was more of a calling (for reasons you’ll understand more of as you continue reading this). Consequently, she earned a second degree in nursing and soon began working with mothers and their babies, providing direct care and education. Her career has spanned various settings, including the New York City Department of Health.

Of pivotal importance in shaping Christine’s life and career path is her ability to perceive the subtle energy of consciousness that every living being radiates. Working daily with mothers and their babies allowed her to see the nuanced dynamics shared between them, which profoundly impacted their health and well-being. Unable to find resources about what she was perceiving, she felt compelled to make sense of what she knew from her academic and career experiences with what she perceived on an energetic level. That pursuit eventually led her to write “A Journey Into Being. Knowing and Nurturing Our Children As Spirit”. Truly a unique work that blends science with the spiritual nature of consciousness, the manuscript garnered the attention of the late Dolores Cannon. “A Journey Into Being” was subsequently published by her company, Ozark Mountain Publishing, in May 2006 and revised in May 2021.

Most notably, in her book, Christine introduces Intuitive Nurturing, a method of caregiving based on the subtle dynamics she observed between mother and child. Intuitive Nurturing was shown to improve both mom and baby’s health outcomes and promote an intuitive bond between them. These same methods have recently been scientifically proven to produce a newly discovered phenomenon termed Parent-Child Synchrony. Parent-child synchrony is the dynamic energy interplay Christine perceived all those years ago, only captured by modern technology. The health benefits for caregivers and infants are numerous and indeed irrefutable. Find out more about Intuitive Nurturing here

Christine lives with her husband and children on Long Island, New York. Currently, she is an editorial contributor for health, parenting, and spirituality publications worldwide.