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Initially published in 2006 and revised in 2021, A JOURNEY INTO BEING. KNOWING AND NURTURING OUR CHILDREN AS SPIRIT is a masterful blend of science and the spiritual nature of consciousness. Christine’s skills, experience, and education in the fields of maternal-child health, mental health, and spirituality provided her with the unique insights she delivers in her book. 

A Journey Into Being introduces us to Intuitive Nurturing, a method of caregiving based on the subtle dynamics she observed between mother and child. Intuitive Nurturing was shown to improve both mom and baby’s health outcomes and promote an intuitive bond between them. These same methods have recently been scientifically proven to produce a newly discovered phenomenon termed Parent-Child Synchrony. Parent-child synchrony is the dynamic energy interplay Christine perceived all those years ago, only captured by modern technology. The health benefits for caregivers and infants are numerous and indeed irrefutable. Click below to find out more about Intuitive Nurturing.

Customer Reviews


“She got it!! This is the key to connecting with your loved ones.”

Dee Lee


” A Journey Into Being is my all-time favorite conscious parenting book. I love everything about it and highly recommend it!” 

O. Rillorta, RN


“Everyone in contact with children or plans to have children NEEDS this book!”

Tom Clift II

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