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My book, A Journey Into Being, features many accounts of spiritual, intuitive, or supernatural events around pregnancy and parenthood. But now, I’d love to hear yours! Have you had any amazing experiences? Examples are:

  • Pre-birth communication with your child via a dream or “visitation”.
  • Sensing that your child is sick before the onset of symptoms.
  • Accurately sensing when your child is in danger.
  • Times when you suspect your child may be remembering a past life.
  • Any instances where you suspect your child may be perceiving spiritual phenomena.

I’ll go first..

Just before we discovered I had miscarried one of my pregnancies, I dreamt I was at an airport expecting to greet someone who was about to arrive. After anxiously waiting, I finally saw a little girl arrive at the gate. I became very excited, realizing she was the one I was waiting for. But she stopped at the gate and didn’t continue toward me. Instead, the child looked at me and gestured toward a young woman next to her who resembled a cousin of my husband’s named Elizabeth who lives in Portugal. The child told me that she would arrive at the same time as the young woman’s baby. She held out her arms to me but retreated back behind the airport gate.

I felt heartbroken when I awoke from that dream. Mentally, I tried hard not to think much of it and refused to accept that the dream may have been foreboding. Yet intuitively, I knew it was somewhat ominous. Days later, eleven weeks into my pregnancy, an ultrasound image confirmed the embryo had no heartbeat. Within a year, I unexpectedly became pregnant again. Several days after an ultrasound confirmed there was a heartbeat, we received word from Portugal that Elizabeth was expecting a baby, and her due date was within days of mine. I knew then that my “passenger” would “arrive” this time.

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