Preface: Ever since I can remember, I’ve navigated my life through the lens of energy perception. Some people call this being highly sensitive, others call it empathic. Either way, I’m not special; up to 20% of the population experiences the world this way. I merely learned how to fine-tune this perception, which gives me a unique perspective on everyday interactions. The following article is one such perspective. 

 Ask any expectant parent what question is most asked of them, and they will likely tell you, “Do you want a girl or a boy?”. Though the demographics vary a bit, roughly 60% of those who are expecting a child give in to their own curiosities and find out what the sex of their unborn baby is during routine ultrasounds. As an RN caring for pregnant women I sought a slight variation of that same question. I wondered just how many of my patients were able to accurately predict the sex of their unborn child without the aid of technology. Fascinatingly, I noted that roughly 60% to 70% were able to somehow sense the sex of their baby. Most women claimed they “just knew”, sometimes from the very moment they discovered they conceived. But what exactly is it that they’re sensing? When I asked for details, the majority of the women described simply an awareness of either a feminine quality or masculine quality whenever focusing on their unborn child. Some of those who could not predict the sex explained that they were unable to distinguish a particular quality altogether; at times, they sensed a boy, other times a girl.

Most women claimed they "just knew,"... but what exactly is it that they're sensing?

From the start of my first pregnancy, I knew I was going to have a boy. Though hard to articulate, I just sensed that my body held within it a masculine-dominant energy. Throughout the pregnancy of my last-born, I mainly felt feminine energy, and yes, she was born female. However, with my middle child, things were a lot less clear. Sometimes, I sensed a feminine energy, and other times, masculine. It turned out that I gave birth to a male, a male who grew up hating sports and who played a lot with girls as a kid. A male who is kind, nurturing, and highly sensitive, all attributes associated more with females than males. Growing up in the late 1990s to early 2000s, he was often teased in school for his gentle manner and, as a result, developed self-esteem issues and a lack of confidence when trying to make new friends.

Here in the US, we tend to make a big deal of our baby’s gender. Think of all the gender reveal parties where things like cakes, piñatas, and fireworks contain the announcement of either pink or blue. And with it comes a whole set of expectations, like a little boy’s desire to play with trucks or action figures and a little girl’s tendency to care for her dolls. But it may surprise some to learn that gender is a social construct; it’s human beings putting other human beings into specific roles. Historically, it began as a way of dividing up tasks for the survival of the family. Since things were very labor-intensive, most of the physical work went to the males, and the females were mostly relegated to raising the children and doing things in and around the home. 

I perceive gender very differently. You see, every living being has a bioenergy field. This bioenergy field is the vibrational aspect of consciousness that feeds the electrical impulses of the physical body, which has an average frequency between 6-8 hertz. Its energy flow extends beyond the body; it has composition and form. This is the part I can perceive of every living being, and here’s what I’ve learned.

Pure consciousness knows nothing of the gender constructs humans created; it is composed of both feminine and masculine energies.

Pure consciousness knows nothing of the gender constructs humans created; it is composed of both feminine and masculine energies. Consciousness is multilayered, multifaceted, and multidimensional. Its existence is eternal and independent of the physical body it animates. Consciousness, in its timeless form, is what I call spirit or soul, and spirit transcends the physical nature of human sexuality.

We each possess what is often referred to in ancient Chinese culture as yin and yang forces, the duality, coexistence, and unification that form a whole. The masculine and feminine energies of the spirit represent paradox, transformation, unity in diversity, and, of course, harmony. There are never complete separations between these two radiant forces within us. Like the yin-yang symbol itself, these energies are fluid, with components of each opposite residing in the other. The spirit of every human is beautifully unisex and, as such, can have innate characteristics that society says are associated with certain genders. In other words, the traits we consider as being masculine, such as assertiveness, courage, or competitiveness, can innately belong to the spirit of a female. As a woman, she may emerge as ambitious or bold, and these traits may serve her well throughout her life. The ones we consider feminine, like nurturing, gentleness, and sensitivity, can be intrinsic to the spirit of a male. As a grown man, these attributes can make him an excellent companion and father.  Furthermore, for some, the masculine and feminine fluidity of the soul can express itself differently at different times throughout a lifetime.

Dr. Ian Stevenson witnessed the transcending nature of the masculine and feminine energies in the cases he investigated.

Gender identity, or lack thereof, is far from being the sole product of biological factors. Science has provided evidence of this time and again. Is it possible that a person’s spirit can carry forth a preferred gender identity throughout lifetimes? Judging from my perspective, absolutely. Consider the following. In their groundbreaking studies, which collectively have spanned over 60 years, the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, a world-renowned psychiatrist and research professor, and Dr. Jim Tucker, child psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences from the University of Virginia, show strong evidence of reincarnation. They have collected thousands of verified cases of children with past life memories. In his massive multi-volume work entitled “Reincarnation and Biology,” Dr. Ian Stevenson witnessed the transcending nature of the masculine and feminine energies in the cases he investigated. In it, he writes, “Such children almost invariably show traits of the sex of the claimed previous life. They cross-dress, play the games of the opposite sex, and may otherwise show attitudes characteristic of that sex.” In today’s verbiage, Dr. Stevenson’s usage of the word “sex” in his second sentence would likely be substituted with “gender.” Nonetheless, his observations are clear to the reader.

Can we ever move away from gender reveal parties and the importance we place on the sex of an unborn child? Can we ever get to the point of simply connecting to the authentic vibrance of our unborn baby like so many of my patients unwittingly did and be content with that alone? Can we take one day at a time and allow the miracle of life to bloom within the brilliance of the soul?

Today, my son is a 30-year-old man. He recently confessed to me just how insecure he was during his youth in simply expressing his true nature. This insecurity and lack of confidence is something he still grapples with to this day. Knowing our children as spirit with both masculine and feminine energies eliminates the power we give to the question, “Boy or girl?”. And in doing so, there will be fewer barriers to nurturing a child’s authentic expression of self and fewer expectations that limit their inner radiance and potential. We owe the next generation a future where self-realization and self-acceptance are the greatest gifts they can offer to the world.


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